For over 60 years, Hotel Portillo has hosted some of the world's top elite athletes. Many Olympic ski teams have hidden themselves high in these majestic Andes mountains, perfecting their art and technique, reaching new dimensions of excellence both as individuals and as teams. The tradition continues, now with classical music.

The Portillo International Music Festival 2020 is the place in Latin America for talented young musicians who want to be among the best in the world while in an incredibly inspiring environment. The Portillo International Music Festival 2020 convenes only those who are hungry to immerse themselves more deeply in the art of being exceptional, not only individually, but in chamber music groups. The foundation of a highly successful musician is one who feels as comfortable as being a soloist in a group of 4, 5 or 100 musicians; one who acts with clarity and confidence listening and playing while building and discovering new frontiers with multiple other artists and sounds. The Portillo International Music Festival 2020 brings together wisdom, experience, brilliance and passion in a transformative week of dedicated learning, where all present elevate their gifts to a completely unexpected and wonderful level.

Portillo Hotel

Los Andes, Valparaíso Region



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 Portillo International

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