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The Portillo International Music Festival & Academy in Chile is offering an "Assistant Conductor Fellowship" from January 13-23, 2024. The purpose of this fellowship is to provide an opportunity for an assistant conductor to work closely with the artistic director, faculty and selected students of the festival. PortilloFest will provide a supportive and inspiring environment where musicians and conductors can focus on their art. Being surrounded by talented musicians and renowned faculty members can be very motivating and inspiring for an assistant conductor's artistic journey.


The Portillo International Music Festival & Academy is a summer festival located in the middle of the Andes Mountains in Chile. It is an academy for young musicians from around the world who focus on chamber music and orchestral repertoire, working with renowned artists for an intense ten-day experience. PortilloFest runs from January 13-23, 2024.


Assistant Conductor Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assisting with rehearsals, preparing scores, conducting selected pieces and other relevant tasks.

  • Work in close collaboration with the artistic director of PortilloFest, maestro Alejandra Urrutia.

  • Provide support by attending rehearsals, taking notes and providing feedback.

  • Participate in educational and outreach activities, such as working with local youth orchestras.

  • Conduct sectional rehearsals as needed. 



  • Applications: October 10 through November 10, 2023.

  • Finalist Notification: November 17, 2023

  • Zoom interview with finalists: November 20, 2023

  • Notification of Results: 21 November 2023

  • Final confirmation of applicant's participation: 27 November 2023.


Benefits of the Fellowship

The Fellowship will provide the opportunity for an assistant director to:

  • Work closely with the artistic director.

  • Work with outstanding faculty members.

  • Gain conducting experience by preparing and conducting sectional rehearsals.

  • Participate in educational activities with local musicians and youth orchestras.

  • The scholarship includes local transportation, accommodation and meals provided by the organisers.


How to apply 

  • You must be over 18 years of age

  • The scholarship is open to Chilean or foreigners.

  • Access and fill out the application form HERE

  • In the form, attach two videos of two contrasting works. The videos must be recorded with a frontal camera looking at the director (must be youtube links). 

Send to the following email: the information:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Individual photo

  • BIO in Times New Roman font (up to 250 words)

  • Cover letter describing your interest in the scholarship and relevant experience.

  • To apply you must pay a USD50 processing fee and you must send the transfer receipt to the same email above.

  • The transfer information is HERE (where it says please indicate booking number you must put: PortilloFest2024/your full name)


When you send the application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of the information. If this does not happen, please contact us at:

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