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Come and Celebrate!

The Portillo International Music Festival is a festival that supports 52 young talents and this of course is always a tremendous challenge. So we are working non-stop to find the funds to carry out this beautiful adventure. And we got a nice idea, and that is for people to come and celebrate with us and instead of buying them a gift, to have their friends and loved ones support the festival as a gift.

And here we have the first CELEBRATION!!!!


Captura de Pantalla 2022-09-28 a la(s) 22.25.39.png

Alejandra Urrutia Borlando, the artistic and musical director of the festival. She is also director of the Chamber Orchestra of the Municipal de Santiago. She was born in the city of Concepción in 1975 and she is delighted to have been born on the 2nd of October as it is the same day as Mahatma Gandhi's birth.
Her dream is that the Portillo International Music Academy Festival will continue to be an opportunity for young talents to participate in a great musical ecosystem, which will impact their lives in a significant way, making it more solid, beautiful and with many more opportunities.

That is why she invites you to celebrate with her by giving her a gift that will benefit you, because you will be creating a "generosity" account that will benefit the young global talents and Ale will feel very celebrated.

If you have an account in Chile, you can make your gift at this link (when you make the donation it says additional remarks and there we ask you to put your name and email or mobile phone so we can contact you).


If you don't have an account in Chile, you can make your gift through PayPal.

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