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Within the Portillo International Music Festival &Academy , we have created the FRIENDS&MUSIC with the idea of being a group that collaborates with the scholarships of the young people of the festival and especially to create a community around music and friendship.

We would like to invite you on Sunday 26th November at 11.30 hrs. at the Polkura Vineyard in the Colchagua Valley (map HERE), where we will have a tour of the Polkura Vineyard and then a wine tasting accompanied by a cheese and a classical music concert.


The invitation has the following characteristics:

1.     We invite you to be part of this Friends&Music group, where the proposal is that you can collaborate with USD1000 ($900.000 Chilean) on an annual basis (of course every year we will confirm it with you) and where you will be part of a community with whom besides supporting young people and their dreams, we will also create activities that will allow us to meet and be close to the music and create meaningful bonds.

2.     If you would also like to help us expand the group of people who collaborate with the scholarship recipients of the Portillo International Music Festival &Academy, you can extend this invitation to others who would be happy and honored to be a part of it.

If you decide to come and invite someone, we ask that they sign up  HERE


After that we will send you all the information you need to have a wonderful experience.

All donations are covered by the Cultural Donations Law, which returns almost 50% of the donation in taxes (Just in Chile)



We are already looking forward to your presence and ask you to confirm as soon as possible.

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