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The objective of the Festival Academia Internacional de Música de Portillo is to study chamber music for string quartets and woodwind quintets, and finish with an orchestra program.



Alejandra Urrutia, Artistic and Music Director

Strings, American String Quartet (USA)

  • Peter Winograd, Violin

  • Laurie Carney, Violin

  • Matthias Buchholz, viola

  • Wolfram Koessel, Cello


  • Beatrice Ovalle, Flute (Chile)

  • Federico Curti, Oboe (Uruguay)

  • David Griffiths, Clarinet (Australia)

  • Pedro Salcedo, Bassoon (Colombia)

  • Gabriel Betancur, French Horn (Colombia)


  • Eugenio Urrutia-Borlando (Chile)


Leadership and Coaching

  • Caroline Ward (Australia)

Hatha Yoga

  • Juan Pablo Jara (Chile)




You can apply in two ways:

  • As an individual instrument player, with specific repertoire requirements for your instrument

  • As a member of an existing string quartet or woodwind quintet


  • Open to Chilean and foreign students between 18 and 30 years old

  • In the specific case of the assistant conductor, it is open to foreigners and Chileans from 18 years of age and without age limit.

  • Availability during the entire festival



  • Application: from Wednesday, July 10 through Tuesday, September 10, 2024

  • Notification of pre-acceptance: Monday, September 23, 2024

  • Pre-acceptance meeting: Thursday, September 26 through Monday, September 30, 2024

  • Notification of final acceptance: Monday, October 7, 2024

  • Confirmation of participation by the student: Monday, October 21, 2024

  • Duration of the Festival: January 18 to 31, 2025


How to apply?

  • Access and fill out the form HERE. This form is to be filled out individually.

  • In the form, attach the links to the video of the pieces where applicable (one link for each piece).

  • In the form, attach your resume in Times New Roman font (up to 250 words) and an individual photo.

  • You will receive an email confirming receipt of the information. If this does not happen, please contact us at:

  • We will not respond by email on information that is already posted on the website or that is on the registration form.

  • If you do not send all the information requested in the registration form, we will understand that you have decided not to continue with the process.




  • J. S. Bach, one movement of a sonata or partita of your choice

  • W. A. Mozart, the first movement of a Concerto of your choice, without cadenza

  • One movement of a Romantic Concerto, or a short virtuoso piece of your choice



  • J. S. Bach, one movement of the suites for solo cello of your choice

  • The first movement of one of the following Concertos: Hoffmeister or Karl Stamitz (without cadenza)

  • One movement of a Romantic Concerto, or a short virtuoso piece of your choice



  • J. S. Bach, one movement of the suites for solo cello of your choice

  • J. Haydn, first movement of a Concerto of your choice (without cadenza)

  • One movement of a Romantic Concerto, or a short virtuoso piece of your choice


  • One movement of your choice of a Classic piece (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, among others)

  • One movement of a Romantic and/or contemporary piece of your choice





  • Mozart's Flute Concerto in G M

First movement (beginning to measure 91) and

Second movement (beginning to measure 23) both without cadence.

  • Orchestral excerpt: Dvorak's Symphony No. 8

4th movement (8 bars before D, up to E).

  • Piccolo excerpt: Mahler's Symphony 2

4th mov. from n. 4 to the end (6 bars)



  • W. A. Mozart, Oboe Concerto in C Major KV. 314

First Movement, from the beginning to bar 120.

Second Movement, from the beginning to bar 50. Both of them without cadenza

  • Camile Saint-Saens, Sonata for oboe and piano op. 166. Second Movement



  • W.A.Mozart, Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622

First Movement: Exposition - Beginning at bar 154

Second Movement - Beginning at measure 60


  • C.M. von Weber, Clarinet Concerto n. 2 in E-flat Major, op. 74

First Movement - Exposition - Beginning at measure 137

Second Movement - Beginning at measure 62


  • Debussy, Premiere Rhapsody (Primera Rapsodia)


  • Stravinsky, Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet



  • Mozart. Concerto for bassoon. Kv. 191

First movement up to reexposition

Second movement up to measure 20

  • Saint-Saëns Camille. Sonata for bassoon and piano. Op. 168. First and second movements.

 Preferably with piano accompaniment


Choose ONE of these two concerts with cadenza:

  • Mozart, Horn Concerto N. 4 in E-flat Major K. 495. First Movement with cadenza

  • Mozart, Horn Concerto N. 3 in E-flat Major K. 447. First Movement with cadenza


Choose ONE of the following pieces:

  • ​Paul Dukas, Villanelle for Horn and Piano

  • Richard Strauss, Concerto N. 1 op. 11 in E-flat Major. First Movement

  • Sigurd Berge, Horn Lokk for solo Horn

  • Bernhard Krol, Laudatio for solo Horn

  • Reinhold Gliere, Horn Concerto op. 91. First Movement

  • Hermann Neuling, Bagatelle for Horn and Piano


WOODWIND QUINTETS (at least 10 minutes in total)

  • One movement of a Classic piece of your choice

  • One movement of a Romantic and/or Contemporary piece of your choice



  • Recording of a video with orchestra or piano or chamber group, not older than 3 years (June 2021 onwards). The video must be at least 10 minutes long.

  • It is very important that the conductor is clearly visible in the recording, therefore, the shot must be frontal.



Once you have been pre-accepted, the next process is to participate in a meeting in which the agreements and commitments of the parts will be discussed and if you accept them, you will be definitively accepted.

Student Rights

  • The scholarship for each student is CLP $5,500,000 (USD5500). This scholarship includes classes, accommodation, food and transportation to and from Santiago and the tour that will take place in January 2025.

  • PortilloFest 2025 begins on Saturday, January 18 at 6:00 pm, so a bus will leave at 2:00 pm from Renato Sánchez 4270, Las Condes, Santiago.

  • The festival will end with five final concerts, the first at the Hotel Portillo on Sunday January 26 and then a tour that will end in the south of Chile 1000 kms from Santiago at the Frutillar Musical Weeks. The points of the tour will be: Viña del Mar on Monday, January 27, Santiago on Tuesday, January 28, Concepción on Wednesday, January 29 (to be confirmed) and Frutillar on Friday, January 31. On February 1 the students will travel from Frutillar back to Santiago (this program is subject to change).


Student Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time to take the bus on Saturday, January 18. If for any reason you miss the bus, you will have to arrive at the Hotel Portillo by your own means.

  • The scholarship does not include the payment of tickets to the city of Santiago, nor medical insurance.

  • Please arrange for medical insurance to be sent to you once you confirm your participation in the Festival.


It is required once the festival has begun:

  • Because this festival is committed to excellence at all levels, there are certain actions that we feel we must follow in order to achieve this goal:

  • Attend all classes and be on time for everything.

  • Attend all concerts and talks.

  • During the time of the festival, including the Festival Orchestra concerts, students may not consume alcohol or drugs of any kind. If this happens we will know that the student will have made the decision not to continue in the festival and will be taken to the bus terminal in Los Andes, or in any city in which we are doing the tour, where he/she can take a bus back to Santiago or wherever he/she deems appropriate. In this case, the festival will not pay the transportation costs.

  • When applying, please make sure that in addition to the artistic and musical proposal, you also agree with the rights and responsibilities of the Festival.

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